Saturday, July 5, 2014

Finally Arrived!

Despite holiday travel, Hurricane Arthur and missed connections, and wipers on the plane that would not work so that we had to get off of the plane that all 187 people had boarded to move to another one only to find that it wasn't ready, then moved to another gate and finally boarded our final flight at 2:00 a.m.; we arrived in Lima this morning at 6:00 a.m. local time. 

Our team of UofL travelers made the best of it with good laughs, positive attitudes and eating our way through three airports.  We made friends along the way too.  Six year old Santiago and his grandmother from Peru entertained us and visited with us for hours.   Groups of young people here to teach English and a mission team headed to Ecuador befriended us.  All of us were in the same predicament, and the airport time gave us time to get know some of the people around us.  Our Spanish speaking team members have had several opportunities to brush up on their language skills.  All in all, the trip was long but we made it.

We are checked into the Ibis Larco, our hotel in Lima.  After a shower and a couple hours of rest, we will start exploring the local history and culture.

        ~Margaret Pentecost

Making a good use of time: Meredith working at the airport while we wait for our connection.
Rushing to the phone at the Miami airport to find the next available flight to Lima, with Cardy's support and Ashley's encouragement.

Expecting miraculous messages or phone calls about our rescheduled trip: Stephanie, Deborah, and Meredith at the Miami airport.

LaRhondolyn and Deborah at the Miami airport.
Cardy and the arrival message at the airport in Lima.

The University of Louisville's College of Education group at the Louisville airport, before our journey.  Top row: Stephanie, Dr. Pentecost, Deborah, Dr. Jean-Marie, Ashley, LaRhondolyn, Carla, and Cabrina. Bottom row: Sarah and Meredith.
Meredith with new trip buddy Santiago, at the airport in Miami.  Dr. Pentecosts observes.
At the Ibis Hotel in Miraflores, Lima, ready for our days in Peru. Dr. Jean-Marie, Cabrina, Deborah, Stephanie, Ashley, Meredith, Carla, and Sarah.

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