Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another Great Day in Peru

Another great day in Peru! We started off having breakfast by the sea. We are loving trying all of the local dishes. We enjoyed our time viewing the exhibits at the Museo Rafael Larco Herrera. Who knew our U of L student ideas even work for a discount in South America. We had a lovely lunch in the museum garden. The corn pie was a crowd pleaser. We walked off lunch in a local park and enjoyed some local music in the open air. Next we took a double decker bus tour on the MiraBus. It was a great way to get a birds eye view of Miraflores. We need to get some sleep for another full day tomorrow.

Buenos Noches! 

        --Deborah Rivera

A weaving demonstration by Cusco women in traditional dress.

Red cards at the Larco Herrera Museum in Pueblo Libre, Lima: Top row: LaRhondolyn, Ashley, Dr. Jean-Marie, Deborah, Stephanie, and Dr. Pentecost. Bottom row: Carla, Sarah, Meredith, and Cabrina.

A peasant woman in traditional dress in Miraflores.

Dr. Aliaga, Dr. Pentecost, and Carla at the Larco Herrera Museum.

The MiraBus.

Huaca Pucllana, in Miraflores, site of a pre-Inka culture.

At the Larco Herera Museum: Stephanie, Carla, Sarah, and Dr. Jean-Marie.

Ready to try more Peruvian food: LaRhondolyn, Deborah, Ashley, and Stephanie.

Cards riding the MiraBus.

U of L group and flowers.

At the entrance to the Museum colonial-style house.

Gold ornaments of pre-Inka cultures in northern Peru.

The Museum beautiful garden.

Dr. Pentecost and Deborah enjoying the garden view.

Carla, Sarah, and Meredith at a church in Miraflores.

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