Monday, July 14, 2014


Today was another amazing day in Cusco.  After a long night’s deep sleep aided by the climb at Machu Picchu, we awoke early for a good breakfast to start our day.  We headed out to Saqsayhuaman, the sacred ruins.  The ruins offered breathtaking views overlooking the city below.  We learned that the people of Saqsayhuaman were masters at moving water throughout the site using a water storage area and a system of channels to keep water flowing even during the dry season. 

Upon our return to the city, we stopped at a local market and supported the economy.  From the market, we headed back to the main square of the town, which was full of song and dance as today was a day of celebration.  Next, we headed to lunch and to support the World Cup soccer teams. Our group had members supporting both teams. Watching the World Cup in Peru is  like watching the Super Bowl in America.

Plaza de Armas del Cusco.  Cusco main square.

Peasants with traditional dress, in Cusco.
Sarah and Carla at Saksaywaman (or Saqsayhuaman or Sacsayhuaman), in Cusco.
A view of Cusco, with the snow-covered Ausangate mountain in the background.
Meredith, Carla, Sarah, Cabrina, Deborah, Stephanie, and Ashley at Sacsayhuaman.
The U of Louisville group at Sacsayhuaman: Dr. Pentecost, Sarah, Ashley, Deborah, Stephanie, Meredith, Carla, and Cabrina.
Joking with big stones in Sacsayhuaman: If you can't hold them, you run!
A panoramic view of the impressive Sacsayhuaman.
Showing the stone dimensions--and no wheels were used to move them!
Dr. Pentecost at one of Sacsayhuaman gates.
A view of Cusco from Sacsayhuaman: Dr. Aliaga, Cabrina, Meredith, Deborah, Carla, Sarah, and Ashley.

The famous stone with the 12 angles.  Can you find/count them? Another example of a Spanish building built on top of an Inca structure. 
A typical street in the historic center of Cusco.


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