Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8 Happenings

Today the education leadership group had a very productive day traveling to the Catholic University, the alma mater our one of our professors. We had two great presentations discussing the current trends in educational policy as well as in research for Peru. We are beginning to see many similarities between needs for low performing students in JCPS and the rural areas of Peru. It is amazing that these needs are reversed in location: the Peruvian education system is working to address needs in rural districts whereas JCPS leaders are researching methods for urban education.
 Some members of the group travelled to the ocean tonight after an exciting meal watching Germany beat Brazil in the World Cup. It was a great experience to see this match in a country were soccer is such a prominent sport! Although we have had a very long day, it was full of great experiences both in our work and our cultural exploration of this country!!

        --Ashley Forrest

The elementary education group continued our time in the Colegio Nuestra Señora del Carmen school. Our day began with a field trip with 80 5th graders to the Planetarium.  We came back in time for lunch with the teachers that we have been working with this week.  The whole staff is very friendly and thoughtful.  Meredith and I have quickly settled into a routine of working with classes.  In the afternoon, the second grade teacher invited us down for a hands-on project with the class.  The students had been working on a project about fish and their body structure.  They had hypothesized about location of organs and internal structure.  On each table was gloves and a fish about 15 inches long.  They examined the external components of the fish and drew pictures of the fish.  Then the teachers proceeded to dissect each of the fish and helped the students to locate internal organs.  The students were great.  We finished our day in a 5th grade English class.  We celebrated Germany's first five goals with a taxi driver who was listening to the match on his radio.  We all yelled, laughed, shook our heads, and had a great time on the ride back to the hotel.  The only word that I understood was "Loco,"  which even I can translate.  Dinner by the sea completed our evening.  Looking forward to our final day at our school! 

        ~ Margaret Pentecost

Our group after meeting with Dr. Juan León.

Dr. Fanni Muñoz holding Cardi after her presentation.  With LaRhondolyn, Dr. Jean-Marie, Stephanie, Ashley, Deborah, Sarah, and Carla.
At the PUCP Fundo Pando campus main entrance.  Ashley, Stephnie, LaRhondolyn, Deborah, Dr. Jean-Marie, Carla, and Sarah. 
On campus.

At the Universidad del Pacífico.
Main auditorium at the Universidad del Pacífico.
Universidad del Pacífico main hall.
Universidad del Pacífico.
Dr. Pentecost at the Carmelitas school in Miraflores, Lima.
Meredith working with primary education students at the Carmelitas school.
Teacher at the Carmelitas school.
Students at the Carmelitas school, and their new friend and mentor, Dr Pentecost.
Working on a lesson--Meredith at the Carmelitas school.

Carmelitas school principal, Ms. Norma Soberón, and Ashley practicing some sounds with the "quijada de burro" (donkey's jaw), used as percussion instrument in central Peru.

Sarah replicating the little statue's greeting, and joining in the enthusiasm for the FIFA World Cup tournament at the Mangos restaurant.
The group in Larcomar, a mall on the cliffs of Miraflores. Ashley, Stephanie, Carla, Deborah, LaRhondolyn, and Sarah, with the bay of Lima in the background.

Who would be able to untangle this knot? At the Parque del Amor (Love Park), in Miraflores.
Walking to the beach of Miraflores: Stephanie and Carla.
Stephanie and Carla braving the cold waters in the beach of Miraflores.


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