Sunday, July 6, 2014

Excursion to Historical Lima

There is no better way to start a day in Lima than a lovely lunch by the Pacific Ocean.  The food and the scenery were extraordinary!  Everyone loved sampling some of the Peruvian specialties, and feeling the breeze as we ate on a cliff overlooking the sea.

The taxi ride to the historic district gave us many insights as to how the people in Lima live and work.  It is a city struggling to overcome some hardships in the past, but it is growing and thriving.  Each district celebrates it's area with lovely shrubbery/flowers growing on a hillside shaped in the name of that district. 

For our walking tour of the historic district, we were able to see the Plaza Mayor which is very distinctive and has interesting architecture.  The Palacio de Gobierno (Presidential Palace) was beautiful.  We were not able to see the changing of the guard, but the young guards stood at attention with great pride.  Other sights included the Cathedral, the Museum of Religious Art and Treasures, the Archbishop's Palace, Municipal buildings, the old train station, the old church of San Augustin, the church and monastery at San Francisco where we also toured and saw the Catacombs Museum.  When we arrived at the church of San Pedro (where Oscar was married), a car pulled up and out stepped a lovely bride and her father.  The church is open to the community even during weddings, so we became the Peruvian "wedding crashers" and watched the festivities for a while.  Other highlights included watching the end of a World Cup match in a South American country with locals and a lovely dinner at the Haiti restaurant.  It was a full and interesting day.  We are all excited to see what today brings.

 ~  Margaret Pentecost

Ready to start our day--at the Larcomar mall, in Miraflores. LaRhondolyn, Cabrina, Stephanie, Carla, Meredith, Ashley, Dr. Aliaga, Deborah, and Sarah.

Meredith and Sarah at Larcomar.

Deborah and Stephanie observing the sea from the Larcomar balcony.

Peru's presidential palace, in downtown Lima.

Posing with the presidential guard the first day of our stay in Peru.  Cabrina, Sarah, Meredith, Dr. Jean-Marie, Deborah, Stephanie, Ashley, and Carla.

Lima's City Hall.

At one of the restoration sites in downtown Lima: Dr. Pentecost, Carla, Sarah, Stephanie, Deborah, Meredith, Cabrina, Ashley and LaRhondolyn.

Cabrina at San Francisco.

A handcraft store in downtown Lima.

Picking the best angle of the San Francisco complex.

Pigeons in San Francisco, in downtown Lima.

After a long trip and a much deserved rest, the group walks the Avenida Larco in Miraflores headed for our first lunch at Larcomar.

Admiring the cliffs and the sea in Lima from the Larcomar balcony.

Ready to meet the food and the Peruvian cuisine at Mangos restaurant in Larcomar.  Dr. Pentecost, LaRhondolyn, Ashley, Deborah, Stephanie, Cabrina, Dr. Jean-Marie, Sarah, Carla, Meredith, and Dr. Aliaga.

Surrendering to the "suspiro limeño."

LaRhondolyn on the other side of the city, in downtown Lima (re-founded in 1535).
The group tours Lima's Plaza Mayor or Plaza de Armas (main square), with the Cathedral in the background.
Taking pictures in different directions, with the background of the Archbishop's house and the Cathedral in the background. Dr. Jean-Marie, Carla, Sarah, Stephanie, and Deborah.

Meredith and Sarah in front of the old Desamparados train station, in the back of the presidential palace.

Sarah at one of Lima's landmarks--the Cordano.  Sitting at Martín Adán's preferred table.  Martín Adán was a famous Peruvian writer.

Ready to visit the Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco (completed in 1774) and the catacombs: Cabrina, Sarah, Dr. Jean-Marie, Carla, Meredith, Stephanie, LaRhondolyn, and Ashley.

Visiting the monastery gardens and cloisters.

Meredith at the Iglesia de San Francisco.
The beautiful Iglesia de San Pedro, in downtown Lima. The San Pedro church was completed in 1638.
Visiting the cloisters of the San Pedro church: Cabrina, Dr. Jean-Marie, Ashley, Stephanie, and Meredith.
Having dinner on a sidewalk restaurant, the Café Haití, in Miraflores.

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