Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meet the group.


      We are getting there. And everyone is excited and waiting for departure time.  We have had pre-departure classes, and assignments in preparation for our trip.  But as important, we have had long and interesting chats with the group members, looking at maps, checking places, enjoying pictures, and, surely, talking about food.

      So, while visiting with us, we took some pictures in random order.

Ms. Carla Kolodey.

Mrs. Deborah Rivera.

Ms. Stephanie Nutter.

Ms. Larhondolyn Mathies.

Ms. Cabrina Bosco.

Mrs. Ashley Forrest.

Ms. Meredith Henson.

The group mentor, Dr. Bradley Carpenter, and daughter Elle.

Dr. Gaetane Jean-Marie.

Dr. Margaret Pentecost.
Dr.  Oscar Aliaga.

The impact of packing on our group members! Enjoy the trip.

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